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CSC 102 Fall 202: Snap Lab 1


For your first lab you are to write a program that draws five squares in your output window.


  1. Use the turtle sprite
  2. When the turtle is clicked, the program should
    1. Go to a random position
    2. Draw a square
  3. It should do this five times
  4. Your program should fit on one screen
  5. Do not forget to clean up your code
  6. Do not forget your comment block


  1. add some nice features (such as color, etc.) based on your own rules
  2. if your square is X steps wide, the number X should appear in your program only once.
  3. More of a challenge: Do the previous with a variable
  4. More of a challenge: make sure your square is always within the window


  • Don't spend more than 1 hour on the challenges without making sure homework for all your other classes are done.
  • Place your code and your form in a zip folder and upload that into canvas before the due date