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CSC 102 Fall 202: Snap Lab 2


Create a program to drill students on their arithmetic

Learning Steps

Due Unit 2, Lab 1 to learn necessary skills


  1. Create a program to drill a kid on his/her arithmetic. The details for the minimum include:
    • start when the flag is clicked
    • quiz on addition.
    • work with 2 digit arithmetic
    • ask the user 10 different questions.
    • the user only gets one chance for each question
    • count the number of correct answers
    • count the number of guesses
    • count the number of misses which will be rare we hope
    • after all 10 questions, report on the results
  2. Do not forget to clean up your code
  3. Do not forget your comment block


  1. allow the user to specify how many questions to be drilled on
  2. continue to drill the user until he/she says to quit
  3. allow the user to try 5 times to get the answer right before moving one.
  4. allow the user to pick between the four basic operations
  5. allow for negative numbers (and handle ALL possible situations for all possible numbers and the four basic operations)


  • Don't spend more than 1 hour on the challenges without making sure homework for all your other classes are done.
  • Place your code and your form in a zip folder and upload that into canvas before the due date