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CSC 102 Fall 202: Snap Lab 4


Write a program to help out an artist that likes to create pictures using circles and rectangles.

Learning Steps

Due Unit 1, Lab 3 to learn necessary skills


  1. Create a block that accepts a size as an argument and draws a circle of that size. Test it and make sure it works.
  2. Add a second argument to it to indicate if the circle should be solid or just an outline. Add a third argument to indicate the color. Added challenge: Add a fourth to indicate the size of the border if the circle is just an outline.
  3. Do the same for a rectangle.
  4. When the space bar is pressed, go to a random position and draw a random figure using your block(s).
  5. There are a few other details that you may need to do
  6. Do not forget to clean up your code
  7. Do not forget your comment block (put this in your Quizzer sprite)


  1. Change the image of the sprite to just a small + sign.
  2. Create a sprite with a color bar to let the user determine which color. Clocking on a color should set the color (use a variable)
  3. Let the user indicate if the figure should be filled or not by pressing an f or an o
  4. Add another shape as an option.
  5. Let the user indicate the size of the figure (using input or a slider which is even more of a challenge).
  6. Let the user choose where to draw the figure (by moving the sprite).


  • Don't spend more than 1 hour on the challenges without making sure homework for all your other classes are done.
  • Place your code and your form in a zip folder and upload that into canvas before the due date