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CSC 102 Fall 202: Snap Lab 6


Create a block that accepts a Sudoku "solution" that tells you if it is correct. We are only going to check two of the issues.


  1. Create one block that checks to make sure all nine numbers are in a list of nine numbers
  2. Create on of the following blocks
    1. Create another block that accepts nine lists and an index number. It tells if each of the numbers 1-9 are in that position in list of numbers
    2. Create a block to ensure that a move is on the board and in a location not already filled


  1. Try with a 4x4 first instead of 9x9
  2. Figure out the logic first
  3. Write the code outside of a block and test it before putting it in a block


These need to be done in order

  1. Test each 3X3 block
  2. Test both diagonals to be sure they are valid (called X-Sudoku)


  • Don't spend more than 1 hour on the challenges without making sure homework for all your other classes are done.
  • Place your code and your form in a zip folder and upload that into canvas before the due date