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Lab 7 -> better job at shooting something


For this lab, you are to make two improvements to the game you did last week. In your write up, include a list of the improvements you claim for last week. (If you did extra credit, you might have nothing you have to do this week). If you did not do last week, you need to do at least three this week. Overall, you must have done at least one improvement from Set 2 and at most two from Set 1. Set 3 is optional. The class lecture can be found on canvas if you need a review.


What was completed in class:

  1. A sprite that moves along the bottom as the left and/or right arrows are pressed. We did not prevent it from going off the screen
  2. A second sprite that moved followed the first sprite (transparently) and then when the up arrow is pressed, became opaque and moved towards the top. We did not move it off the board and back to the first sprite.
  3. A third sprite that moved smoothly back and forth across the top. When it touched the second sprite, it stopped moving and went to a remote spot on the screen.

Possible improvements

Set 1: (at most only one from this group, can be none>

  1. fix the first sprite to move correctly across the bottom and not move off screen
  2. fix the third sprite to cover the entire distance of the screen
  3. add a fourth sprite (a "jail") that the third sprite enters upon touching the second sprite

Set 2: (at least one of these)

  1. Fix the second sprite so that if it does not touch the third sprite, it goes off the screen and then returns back to the first and follows it while being transparent
  2. Allow the third sprite to move around randomly in the top half of the screen
  3. Keep count of how many times you "shoot" and how many times you "hit" stopping when a certain number of hits or a certain number of misses occur

Set 3: creating nicer code.

  1. Use variables instead of numbers for anything to do with the position on sprites on the screen
  2. Use blocks to control all motions


  1. Use at least one block appropriately
  2. Do not forget to include which items you did for the previous lab in your writeup!!!!