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Selection assignment

Choice 1

Write a program to help the user determine which operating system/computer configuration they should choose. The options for the operating system are Windows, Linux, iOS. The options for the computer configuration is a desktop or laptop. You may add other options if you wish. Ask questions (such as how capable the user is, how mobile they would be, etc.) that would help to determine the choice.

For my solution, I based the decision on:

  • Importance of ease of use (with a iOS being very easy to use and Linux being extremely uneasy to use)
  • What system they were currently using (assuming that they would like to use the same system again)
  • If they needed to be mobile

I then added or subtracted amounts to my three types of OS and two types of computers based on those answers and then picked which every number was larger in each category. You may do the same or use other criteria to choose the two options.

Choice 2

Write a program that is given a day (year, month, day) and determines the next day. Use Google to find the “formula” for determining if the year is a leap year.