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Component of Vehicle

 This first week involves building your vehicle and making it draw a square.  Due date can be found on Canvas.  Be sure to save the code locally and submit it on canvas.
  • Step 1: Using the Legos guide, build the standard robot. Challenges
    • Level 1: Add a pen to the robot
    • Level 2: Add a pen to the robot that can move up and down
  • Step 2: Program the robot to go forward and then make a 90 degree turn. I recommend you use trial and error to get the turn close. Getting it perfect it not required, but you can work towards that if you wish
  • Step 3: Add constants for the length of the side and the turn. Change your program to use these constants
  • Step 4: Add required comments and name the program if you have not already
  • Step 5: Add additional statements (using your constants) to complete your square
  • Challenges:
    • Add the pen and draw a more complex letter or number
    • With the pen, write a word in cursive
    • With the pen that can be moved up and down, write your name
    • With the pen that can be moved up and down, write a binary number
      • allow the user to input the number using the buttons on the brick