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Final Project

You and your partner are to pick a final project. This project should take about 4 weeks to complete and use everything you have learned


Your project should be at least (probably more) as complex and lab 6. It should be something you are interested in. You will be required to present it to the class.

Necessary components

It must include the following

  • at least two motors
  • at least two sensors
  • something on the brick
  • at least one selection
  • some looping
  • at least two blocks of your own
  • parallel programming
  • at least two variables.


  1. Due Nov. 6th at the end of class: A proposal. This includes an overview of what the project will do and a list of milestones and when each is to be accomplished
  2. Due Nov. 14 (midnight): Code that has accomplished at least two of your milestones and a description of those milestones
  3. Due Nov. 25 (midnight): At least 2/3rd's of the milestones completed (turn in the code and a description of those milestones
  4. Dec. 6th: A five minute presentation of your project in class and a written report. (more about the written report later).


  • Include a programming feature we have not covered in class yet.