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Component 3

For this component your robot is to be able to drive itself around a "track" and follow the edge of the track.


  1. The track is the small, moveable table in the classroom.
  2. The edge of the track is signified by the edge of table.
  3. You need to go counterclockwise.


  • Add a touch sensor to sense when it is no longer over the table. Do NOT use the ultrasonic sensor. This will be used for a different purpose later on.
  • If the sensor "goes off", turn a little to the left, go straight, and then maybe try to go to the right. Your robot will probably make zig-zags. That is okay.
  • Your robot should stop if the center brick button is pressed


  • Min. the amount of zig-zag'ing as much as possible. Make the robot move as smoothly as possible.
  • Add the second touch sensor to stop it if runs into something