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Component 4

For this component your robot is to play "Follow the leader".


  • The "leader" will be carrying a "piece of paper" at least 8.5x11 inches on its rear at most 1 inch above the floor.
  • The color of the paper is undetermined
  • The leader may changes directions at any given time but at most a 45 degree turn either way.
  • The leader may change speed. Your robot should stay between 15 and 21 centimeters behind. It should adjusts its speed as the leader adjusts his.
  • If your robot runs over a red spot, it should stop. The spot is bigger than the robot.


  • Add an ultrasonic sensor to the front of your robot facing forward.
  • Add a color sensor to your robot facing down.
  • Use parallel programming to deal with the color sensor to stop the robot.


  • Create your own block to follow the leader
  • Create another block to find the leader