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Component 6

Combine previous labs and add following a line. Your robot is to follow a line (down the center of the robot), following my robot that is also following the line (staying within 2.5-3.5 robot lengths of me). If it runs over a stop sign (i.e. red), it should stop. If someone runs into it form behind, it should sound the alarm, spin around (180 degrees) and stop.


  • The "leader" follow the same black line and vary its speed slightly


  • You will need an ultrasonic sensor on the front
  • You will need a color sensor in the "middle" of your robot pointing down.
  • You will need a touch sensor on the back of your robot facing out.
  • Use a block to follow the line
  • Use a block to adjust the speed (and a variable)
  • Use a block to react to the touch sensor being pressed
  • Use parallel programming to deal with the color sensor to stop the robot.


  • Have the display constantly update the min. and max. distance encountered between you and the leading robot.