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CSC 112: Digital Citizen of the 21st Century: 2 hours.


Study of computing and ways it shapes and influences 21st century citizens and society. Provides basic understanding of computing capability and limitations for more informed discussion of issues. Topics may include: news, entertainment, media, identity, communication, relationships, financial transactions, intellectual property, privacy, security. Two lectures a week.

Goals for CSC 112 are:

  1. To help the student become a responsible citizen in the areas of technology
  2. To give the students a basic understanding of the field of computing

Course outcomes for CSC 112 are:

Upon completion of CSC 112, Students will:

  • understand various ethical issues in today's digital world
  • understand various cyber security issues in today's world
  • understand the impact of technology on today's world
  • understand the world's impact on technology
  • be able to write good 2-3 page paper
  • be able to take complete lecture notes

Program outcomes for CSC 112 are:

  1. Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts.
  2. Recognize professional responsibilities and make informed judgments in computing practice based on legal, ethical, and moral principles.
  3. Use technology to help bring Christ to the world and apply Christian principles to their work


  1. Note taking at the introductory level by requiring students to take lectures notes. Should include posting videos of some class lectures so they can review their technique.
  2. Technical writing at the introductory level by requiring written work to have section headers, decent size paragraphs, and giving feedback on transitions.
  3. Ethics at an introductory level by covering:
    • digital divide
    • ownership of digital material
  4. Cybersecurity at the introductory level by covering:
    • securing one's self in social media
    • the fundamental concept of cyber security