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Lab 10 for CSC 121


Create a program that has at least two classes (member and team) that is used to maintain people on a team.


  • Each member of a team will play a specific role on his/her team. Multiple people may play the same role
  • Each team has one person as the leader/coach
  • Each team has a qualifier describing the type of team (i.e. soccer, website development, ER team, choir, etc.)
  • Each team has a specific name unique to them
  • Each person has a name and experience level
  • A person's role may change. So might his/her name and/or experience level
  • A team may change its leader/coach but not its type or name
  • Members can be added and removed from the team
  • Your member and team classes can do no input or output
  • Each class should have a toString method that returns the information as a string that can be outputted later
  • Teams are the same if they have the same name and type

Sample data

There is to be no input into this program. You are to create your own driver to adequately test every aspect of your classes. It should create instances of the classes and output results as it goes along.