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Lab 11 for CSC 121


Take your team and member classes and create a program that tracks the competition between a number of different teams (of the same type). For example, it would handle a soccer tournament or a number of different development teams trying to win a contract


  • You need to have at least 4 teams.
  • Each competition involves 2 teams and a score for each team.
  • Each team in a competition has a score. The higher score wins.
  • Each team will keep track of how many competitions it is involved in and how many it wins

Sample data

There is to be no input into this program. You are to create your own driver. You need to create enough teams (at least 4) for your "league" and then have at least 3 competitions for each team. For each competition, report who competed, the score, and who won. At the end of the program, report who won the most and who lost the most.