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Problem description: You are to design a database to help out a local church. (Be aware: this assignment is designed to simulate "real life". This description is "organized" as a real user may give it. It may not even be complete. You may ask questions of the user -> but be precise in those questions!). The church needs to track many things including financial information and attendance. For each giver, how much money was given on each day and for what purpose needs to be track. Givers might be an individual, married couple, family, or business. The individual might be a child in a family and needs to be track separately from the family. For each purpose that money is given, a total needs to be generated for each week and how much money was spent (by each expenditure). There is also a budget (goal) for how much money should come in for each project and how much money should be spent on each project. In the area of attendance, the church needs to track who attends each "class" (Sunday School class, weekday Bible study, etc.). This includes regular attenders and guests. Out-of-town guests don't need to be tracked as much as regular attenders and in-town guests. (The church does not usually invite out-of-town guests to become regular attenders). But the number of each group needs to be known for each meeting (including the regular Sunday services). A class might also have collected money for a special project. The church also needs to know the address of each member and/or regular attender. For children, the church needs to know who the parents are. Because broken and blended families are a part of this church, both need to be able to modeled.