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COVID-19 Adjustments

  • SEATING – After choosing your seat for this class, please consistently sit in the same seat all semester.
  • FACECOVERINGS - All students must wear face coverings in all classes. You have been provided face coverings for this purpose. If you forget your face covering, and can’t retrieve it and be back in the classroom quickly, you will need to find a private space to synchronously livestream this class or be counted absent.
  • LIVESTREAMING - This class is being livestreamed and stored in Canvas for watching only by a student enrolled in this class. The purpose of the livestreaming/recorded lecture is to accommodate a student who is being quarantined or isolated due to COVID-19. Abusing this feature by letting other students not enrolled in this class view the recording or privately videotaping the recording will be considered a violation of the Campus Lifestyle Covenant. However, when you are ill or participating in a campus sponsored event (like a sport team) you are encouraged to view the recording at a later time.