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Polices related to courses during covid

Required communications

There are two different levels of required communications.

  • If isolated/quarantined but still able to be do work. At this level, you are required to continue work and communication as if you are still in class. You must keep the instructor proactively informed as to how things are going.
    • You must inform the instructor that you can't be in class as soon as you know (which means before class meets) .
    • You must inform the instructor at least 24 hours before you are released to be back in class.
  • If too sick to be able to do much of anything and should primarily focus just on own health.
    • At this level, you just need to tell the instructor that you are not able to do school work because of the impact of the virus. That needs to be done ASAP.
    • When you have recovered enough to start back on your school work, you need to set up a meeting (in person or virtual) with the instructor to set up a schedule to make up any work that was not done during the this time.

Virtual attendance

Virtual attendance is for those that have approved reasons for not being in class. It is NOT for those that find it inconvenient to be in class. To attend class virtually, you must be prevented (by official policy) from attending class in person. Any exceptions to this must be approved by the instructor at least 24 hours in advanced or you will be counted as absent. If you are required to attend class virtually (because of covid or other official reasons), the following items are expected.

  1. You are to start muted unless you are in an environment where you can guarantee no audio interruptions (such as a barking dog).
  2. You are to start with the video on (and keep it on) during the class. It is essential to be able to have a two way visual communication. For this, you need to have your video on.
  3. Communication via chat is very acceptable. However it is possible that the chat may not be noticed in a timely fashion. Feel free to speak (via audio) at any time when you wish the chat to be read or just to answer the questions.

Coping items

  • It is important to keep the instructor informed as early as possible. Lack of information limits what the instructor can do or assume.
  • Any communication that is after the fact (reactive as opposed to proactive) limits what can be done.
  • Do not rely on videos of class being available more than 48 hours after the class (without prior arrangement).