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Linux Assignment


For each question, answer the question (if appropriate) and give the exact linux command(s) that achieved the result. If there is no question (but just an instruction), then just give the command(s).

  1. Upon logging in, what is the complete path of the directory you are in?
  2. Make a csc150 directory in your home account.
  3. Copy all the files from my csc150 directory into your csc150 directory.
  4. According to information stored in the csc150 directory, what is one useful linux command and one fun linux command?
  5. Using just linux commands, what is the purpose of the "du" command
  6. Make two copies of the csv file (call them 1.csv and 2.csv)
  7. Rename the 2.csv file to csc150b.csv
  8. Remove the 1.csv file

Extra Credit

  1. Using the cut command, display just the email addresses of those in the 150 class file
  2. Using the grep command, display just your line (or one other student's line) in the 150 class file