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Here are the questions. Putting the actual file in the wiki would take too much time.

All questions refer to the vi editor
Answer all questions by editting a copy of this file in vi and submit the
resulting file.
(Keep line length to 80 characters!)
1) What is one way to get into insert mode?
2) What is the main way to get into command mode from insert mode?
3) Fix the tyop.  Give the command(s) you used to accomplish it.
4) What command moves you up a line?
5) What command moves you down a line?
6) Put a line in between questions 2 and 3 stating how you did it.
7) How do you save a file and exit?
8) Delete the work exit in the above line.  What command(s) did you use?
9) Search for the word "command" in this file.  Find the next occurance.
   What were commands used?
10) Change the previous line to say "What were the commands used?".  How
   did you accomplish that?
11) Bonus question:  Find one advanced feature in vi that was not covered.
   Explain what it is and how it works (in your own words)