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Fourth Lab, ITSC 121, Spring 2020


Write one program as follows. Write a program that prints out a table showing conversions from feet to meters and meters to feet (problem 6.9)


  1. Include proper comments for all
  2. Use proper formatting, etc.
  3. Test with more than one set of data where it is appropriate
  4. Get the correct data outputted on the program before worrying about formatting
  5. Consider limiting your time as you did for last week. You don't need to, but consider it.

Details of the program

Include two methods:
public static double footToMeter(double foot)
public static double meterToFoot(double meter)
The formulas for the conversions are:

  • meter = 0.305 * foot
  • foot = 3.279 * meter

Write a test program that uses these methods to display the following table

Feet    Meters    |    Meters    Feet
 1.0    0.305     |    20.0       65.574
 2.0    0.610     |    25.0       81.967
 9.0    2.745     |    60.0      196.721
10.0    3.080     |    65.0      213.115


  1. Create a software development report that includes the following for the program:
    • A problem summary (the big picture)
    • A list of requirements. (Things that this particular implementation of a solution must do)
    • A list of steps your program does
    • A testing report: What exact input you used and what output you got.
    • How long it took to write it, and how much time was on it each day!
    • Who you got help from (if you got help)
    • Changes (if any) you would make if you had more time and/or skill
    • At least two things you learned while writing the program
  2. Create a zip folder with your software development report(s) and your java file and submit that to canvas.
  3. Due date can be found on canvas