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Late Policy for Bareiss' Courses


  • All assignments are due at the beginning of class on that date specified unless otherwise stated. On-time work is essential to most classes and the learning process. Because of this, late work is extremely discouraged. Students are responsible for managing their own time.
  • It is normal to have a "bad week". Because of this each student is allowed one free late. Details can be found in the implementation section.
  • Final polishing of work should not be put off until the last moment. Work should be finished (including any printing, submissions, and other final touches) should be done early. Waiting until right before a class starts to do this work can cause problems. There might be technical failures, permissions, or other issues. Waiting until the last possible moment is not a good practice esp. in industry
  • Because homework, etc. is designed to help prepare for an exam, no work can be turned after the exam covering that work (except under prearranged conditions or if stated in class)


  1. Very short late. If the assignment is not ready within 5 minutes of the start of class, it will be counted as a short late (unless otherwise specified). For this the assignment is done, just needs to be turned in (i.e. printed out, submitted, etc.). This will cause a 2% late penalty
  2. For an assignment that is less than 2 hours late (it was forgotten in the dorm room, etc.) a 5% penalty will be given.
  3. The free late, must be requested in a formal manner (email or written) at least 24 hours before the assignment is due. Students should know that there is a "bad" week coming and plan for it. This late can only be requested once. If it is requested and not used, it cannot be requested again for a different assignment for that course. The assignment will be due the next class meeting. No lates are allowed to go be turned in after a vacation if originally due before the vacation.
  4. Formal lates. Three additional lates are allowed. Each will be accessed a penalty (10%, 20%, and 40% respectively) for each 24 hour period it is late. These do not need to be requested ahead of time. Once again, these lates do not allow for things to be extended past the exam or vacation times.
  5. Any requests for exceptions from this late policy (which will only be given in extreme cases) must be submitted (in writing - NOT email) at least three full school days before the assignment is due. The student will receive an email reply by the end of the next day with the decision.