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<strong>Welcome to the Bethel University Computer Science Wiki.</strong>
==Covid Items for Fall 2020==
==Assessment items==
* [[Objectives| Program Educational Objectives]]
* [[Outcomes| Student Outcomes]]
==Curriculum options==
* [[CurriculumOptionA|First option containing typical structure]]
* [[CurriculumOptionB| Second option containing innovative structure]]
* [[Courses]]
==Policies and important documents==
* [[AcceptableWork| What is your own work?]]
==Virus Spring 2020 items==
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== Getting started ==
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Welcome to the Bethel University Computer Science Wiki.

Covid Items for Fall 2020

Items associated with Covid during Fall 2020


  • Face coverings
    • Face coverings (clothe material covering mouth and nose) are to be worn in the lab at all times except
      • if you are in the lab by yourself or at most one other person who is in the other side of the room
      • if you are eating (but once again, you need to be quite a distance from other folks).
    • Face shield
      • The shield by itself is not sufficient in most circumstances
      • If you will be working with someone looking at the same screen (including the instructor who might be helping you debug), ALSOwear your face shield
      • If you are in the front of the room presenting (or lecturing), you can remove the mask as long as you use a face shield.
      • There are hooks for your face shields. Return your shield to your hook when leaving the class. Do not touch anyone else's shield or hook.
  • Sanitizing
    • You are responsible for sanitizing your own space before using it. Use a cloth to wipe down the desk and chairs. The keyboards, and mice will be sanitized for you between classes. You will be shown in class how to sanitize the computer equipment when you are using it outside of class. Sanitize the equipment when down (outside of normal class hours)
    • Use the hand sanitizer on your hands upon entering the lab.
  • Physical Distancing
    • In class, you will have an "assigned" seat where you will sit for the entire semester. Please don't change.
    • For this semester only, do not use the front row until all other stations are full.
  • Equipment
    • Half the computers have been set aside and should not be used. They do not have keyboards or mice. Do not plug in a keyboard or mouse to these stations unless instructed to by your professor.
    • Avoid touch the screen with your hands. Use a pointing device (that has been sanitized) if necessary.
  • Professors' Offices
    • Wear face coverings when in an office.
    • Do not congregate outside an office.
    • Try to make appointments beforehand.
    • Zoom meetings are always a valid option.

Assessment items

Curriculum options


Policies and important documents

Virus Spring 2020 items

Items Associated with Spring 2020 Virus related issues


All known issues, responses, announces, etc. associated with classes and the computing programs while Bethel deals with the virus can be found here Please check on a regular basis for updates. If I need a response for something, I will be emailing but all other items will be placed here (and no email will be sent). This is for a number of reasons:

  1. reduce the number of emails
  2. having a central location to find "all" necessary information

Overall comments

  1. AS of 3/19 at noon, I have decided to do most of my work from home. I can come in to campus to meet with students on a one-to-one basis (I am only 10-15 minutes away). If you wish to meet with me, please do one of the following:
    • create a meeting (via outlook) and include me (at least 30 minutes early) if in person (if on zoom, indicate that in the meeting)
    • create a zoom meeting and send me an invite (at least 30 minutes)
    • send me an email (at least 2 hours ahead). If I don't reply within one hour, send me a text
    • send me a text (at least 2 hours ahead but not in the middle of the night).
  2. For accessing the shared drive, try: https://betheluniversityin.sharepoint.com/sites/compscienceshare/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx
  3. I should be available during most of business hours (unless I am in a meeting for questions). This is the preferred time for me to interact with you. However, I might be available in the evenings and on Saturdays if necessary. I am trying to keep Sundays free and a time of rest. If you need to reach me (and I am not noticing an email), you can text me at (815)600-2265 BUT please do not text me after 10:00pm or before 8:30am Eastern time. I need to leave my phone on for emergencies about my mother but don't want to be awaken for anything else.
  4. Two zoom meetings have been scheduled (for today and tomorrow) and should be found in your outlook calendar. Please check in during at least one of them to test your and my environments. See outlook for more details.
  5. Classes will be held synchronously during the normal times. As of 3/13 the plans are to use Zoon. You will not need to pay for an upgraded copy. You will be able to use the free copy. I recommend you make an account and download the software. I will be creating a meeting on Monday and one on Tuesday that you can join when you want to test out your situation. Zoom will also allow us to share laptops and control both ways so I will be able to help you debug your code/etc remotely.e

Prog 1 comments

  • There is now a quiz on Canvas to be taken by the end of Monday -> it is about your plans for the next four weeks. It is a required quiz

Database comments

  • Instructions for adapting an sqldeveloper that works inside the Bethel firewall to outside the firewall can be found on canvas. This is "private" because it does allow people inside the firewall and I want to not make it public for security reasons. Both ways have been tested.
  • Please make sure you have sqldeveloper installed and working inside the firewall before you leave (if you do leave). It is much easier to debug situations in person.
  • There is now a quiz on Canvas to be taken by the end of Monday -> it is about your plans for the next four months
  • Single table homework -> can now be turned in electronically via canvas. Due by noon on Wed. Email me questions if you have them -> should include the problem you are working on and the your current sql statement (cut and paste it -> don't retype it).
  • Semester project is canceled.

Raised issues and responses

Here are known issues (typically raised by students ) and the status/response

Issues Response/Status
Access the database outside the firewall being worked on
Accessing the lab (card swipe not working) Being worked on. For now, during the day, see Dr. Bareiss, outside business hours, contact campus security -: solved on 3/13/2020 -> issued was associated with leap year (probably).

Please email Dr. Bareiss any other issues that arise

Current class structure

  • As of 3/13, the plan is for the classes to meet during the normally scheduled time via virtual meetings. So keep class time available. More informaiton will be coming
  • Advising will happen either in person (if you wish) or via Skype.


Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started