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A Good Set of Steps for Self Directed Learning

  1. Inform oneself enough so that you know what you want to learn. Be able to state some goals as to what you want to learn when done.
  2. Get Introductory knowledge. This would be the level of a "Hello World" program. The idea would be to get the environment to work (or something similar).
  3. Follow along side a complete small example to see and/or learn about the potential of what you are learning
  4. Refine your goals now that you know more about what can be accomplished
  5. Define a simple individualized project to be done on your own similar to a project done in step 4 and do it. This will enable you to see if you have actually learned the basics in a controlled situation
  6. Define and create your desired project
  7. While working on the previous step find more complex resources to use to help with problems you encounter
  8. Learn/observe what else can be done
  9. Summarize all you have learned